Case Studies

We know the importance of proven results; here are some of our favorites.

Market Launch - Revived Hydration

Watch as we take a small 6 appointment/month operation and grew it into a sustainable business model preparing for franchise opportunities. 

Coldwell Banker Marketing Company


How does Creators Collective take an already massively successful Real Estate company and bring them to the forefront of the West Michigan Community?

The Baker's Dozen - Village Baker in Spring Lake

Learn how we took on an already successful Restaurant & Bakery in small town Spring Lake and helped turn it into a staple of West Michigan.

Marketing Adjustment - Absolute Health Chiropractic Clinic

How we took a referral based chiropractor to an online star by addressing her niche as a female chiropractor.

Sub SHop Switch-Up - KB's Pizza & Sub SHop

Did we take 47 year old business and bring it back to its formal glory? Yes, yes we did.


Bridal Makeover - Kate Johnson Artistry

This rockin’ team has been keeping Chicago beautiful for years and it was time they received their own makeover. Learn how they’ve grown thus far!