Absolute Health Chiropractic Clinic

A perfectly executed marketing adjustment 



AHCC was a well managed chiropractor's office with a friendly staff that delivered, by far, the best physical and nutritional supplementation in West Michigan. Dr. Lesa Seales was such a spectacular chiropractor that she had built her entire business solely on referrals. With more than 23 years in business, and 55,000 appointments under the doctor's belt, her support staff wanted to help promote the business and expand the healing. They reached out to me in late march of 2017 asking for an online overhaul to help grow her outreach and help more individuals suffering from pain and poor health.

With a terrible online presence we took to social media and google adwords to change AHCC to match the competition of 2017.



The Solution

We immediately published AHCC on over 30 online social media websites, business websites, and search engines after developing a website that worked to both inform and draw in patients via an online scheduling tool. 

Creators also managed their online social media presence for 4 months, being sure to interact with the community on Twitter, reach out to others on Facebook, and inform through Instagram. By teaching the staff to manage social media on their own, we were able to leverage employee's free time and continually interact with their patients and the community.

AHCC was sending out letters, postcards, and using paper in what seemed to be enough paper to fill the entire city. Creators used this opportunity to give patients the option to fill out paperwork online before coming in to save time. We also automated the three, "New Patient Letters," through email. Now patients received on-boarding information through email rather than snail mail. We also leveraged emails and text messages to remind patients of their upcoming appointments.


After the second month, AHCC had registered 23 new patients through optimizing search results to bring AHCC to the light when people searched, "Female Chiropractor." A niche not utilized by local chiropractors! This is one of the ways we help a business. We discover their niche and competitive edge and use it to leverage online traffic.

After some success that first month, we created over ten separate landing pages to bring in traffic specific to Dr. Seales' specialties. These included injury chiropractor, pain relief chiropractor, children's chiropractor, etc. By linking these landing pages to Adwords campaigns we spent roughly $7 per new patient, and considering a new patient can be worth up to 40x that, it was an incredible ROI.

We expect AHCC to continue to grow as we leverage long and insightful blog posts to help get better SEO placement on google and other search engines.