KB's Pizza And Sub Shop

A total marketing overhaul and management case study

KB's Pizza & Sub Shop Shop Digital Marketing Overhaul


KB's Pizza Shop had no real brand identity. The mom and pop shop lacked an online presence, had poorly managed social media, and threw away hundreds of dollars monthly on coupons that didn't convert into sales. Business was on the decline and owner Kim  was on the defense, working in the business rather that on it.


We took an aggressive approach and went in for a complete marketing overhaul. This meant we established KB's across 34 social media and restaurant websites to increase SEO. We created a website that offered better conversion rates (calls) and created a google Adwords campaign running a mere $100/month. Combined with proper social media management and outreach KB's took a drastic change in direct



We had a particularly successful case study with KB's. Through a hard hitting and aggressive strategy to redefining marketing and advertising efforts we were able to completely transform KB's Pizza and Sub Shop. In the 3 month span that we consulted for KB's, we focused on daily social media updates, a website that was optimized to show under certain keywords, and minimal social advertising. Because of our efforts,  their sales were up between $15,000 Q1 over last year's Q1. In addition, KB's had their most successful Coast Guard Festival Week and best fiscal year in 17 years! What a success story!