The Start

Revived Hydration has an incredible business model. Their model was based around restoring and revitalizing people's health through IV therapy (injections and infusions of vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants, & more). This solution to well-being is perfect for athletes, workaholics, and those looking to lose weight and just be healthier all around.

So, what was the issue? Nobody knew about it. Their website was slow, lacking aesthetics, & confusing for those looking to book an appointment. Their social media efforts were there, but they lacked a brand message and failed to address who they were. Like most businesses they focused on selling through social media, instead of inspiring. Nobody wants to be sold to, they want to discover things on their own and feel that their decisions were organic and not forced.

Revived Hydration Marketing Team

The Answer

  • Completely Redesigned Website & Scheduling System

  • Brand Strategy Development & Execution

  • New Logo & Branding Materials

  • Custom Social Media Strategy, Brand Specific Content Creation, and Overarching Management Across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Foursquare, Yelp, Linkedin, TripAdvisor, Google Plus, & Google Business.

  • Google Adwords Campaign & Facebook Advertising

  • 10 Posts For All Social Media Profiles Per Week

  • Reputation Management On Facebook, Google, TripAdvisor, & Yelp

  • Influencer Marketing That Engaged With Local Social Media Stars

  • Monthly Inbound Marketing Content Creation

The Results - 1 Year Later

  • 20X increase In IV Infusions Per Month

  • 3,333% Increase In Monthly Revenue

  • Grand Rapids Market Domination (Yeah, We're Serious)

  • From Mobile Only IV Offerings to 2 Brick & Mortar Locations In Grand Rapids & Traverse City

  • Completely Revamped Social Media Content Strategy That Spans 2 Brick & Mortar Locations

  • Recognizable Branding

  • Still Growing Month Over Month!